\nA story on page 22 of the Spring 1999 issue of the Report\nincorrectly reported that the Arkansas House of Representatives\npassed a bill that would have guaranteed freedom of expression\nrights to public college students.

Editor loses fight to publish ad

NORTH CAROLINA - The editor of a student newspaper in\nRaleigh lost his fight to publish advertisements from a gay and\nlesbian support group and a church-sponsored youth group in April\nafter the Wake County Board of Education upheld his principal's\ndecision to censor the ads.

Matt Williams, a senior at Enloe High School and editor of\nthe Eagle's Eye, said he fought the principal's decision\nbecause other schools in the area allowed churches to advertise\nin their newspapers.

"The decision to fight came because I saw inconsistencies\nin what the school board said could be allowed and couldn't be\nallowed," Williams said.

He added that his principal, Lloyd Gardner, had previously\nallowed the school newspaper to publish the ad from the church-sponsored\nyouth group.

Williams said it was not until he wanted to run the ad from\nthe N.C.