NEWS RELEASE: SPLC asks federal appeals court to protect student groups' right to use college logos

A federal court is considering Iowa State University's appeal of a ruling recognizing the First Amendment right of a student group to use the college's logo on a T-shirt conveying a pro-drug-legalization message, an issue implicating the free-speech rights of all college students. 

Miss. bill could allow schools to punish students for off-campus social media posts

The bill would make it a misdemeanor if students post to social media to “intimidate or torment” another student or school employee. The bill would also criminalize statements — even if they are true — that are intended or are likely to provoke a third party to stalk or harass a student or school employee.

First Amendment groups ask federal appeals court to overturn Hazelwood-based removal of Hawaii college student

Can a student be kicked out of a degree program at a public university because those in charge of his department think his ideas are outside the mainstream of his intended profession?That's the issue presented by a just-filed case before the Ninth U.S.