TRANSPARENCY TUESDAY: Public records — delivered hot and oven-fresh… or they’re free?

Next to waiting for the cable TV installer, there's not much more irritating for us first-worlders than waiting for the public records that never come.Many state open-records laws require an agency to respond to a request for public documents within three, five or 10 days.

The price of censorship? For Chicago State, try $213,231.98

"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance."

--Derek Bok, Harvard president, 1971-91

Unjustly firing a newspaper adviser and running off its editor-in-chief wasn't just costly to Chicago State University's reputation.A federal court ordered the university to pay $2,502.48 in court costs and $210,729.50 in attorney's fees after finding that professor Gerian Steven Moore and student editor George Providence II were unlawfully fired in violation of the First Amendment.U.S.