Student tour guides threw away, moved newspapers in “one-time” incident at Baylor University

A screenshot of the Feb. 8, 2019 edition of The Baylor Lariat. Copies of these papers were thrown away and moved during an admitted student day at Baylor University in Texas.

TEXAS — Student tour guides at Baylor University in Texas threw away and moved some student newspapers in what a university spokesperson called a “one-time” incident. During a prospective student day in early February, copies of The Baylor Lariat were moved in two buildings at the direction of an admissions staffer, according to a statement… Continue reading Student tour guides threw away, moved newspapers in “one-time” incident at Baylor University

Access delayed – still waiting

An SPLC investigation reveals how Texas' private institutions are using a provision of the state's open records law to delay the release of police reports.

Following ‘no-contact’ order saga, Baylor U. student court denies press coverage

Chief justice Cody Coll told the student reporters that they could not photograph or record the court hearing Tuesday because it violated the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, the federal student privacy law. The reporters were also asked to delete all information gathered before their dismissal from the court.

Student court at Baylor U. withdraws ‘no-contact’ order on student newspaper

Hours after the student activities department at Baylor University released a statement affirming the institution’s student court did not have the authority to issue “no-contact orders” to students not involved in current proceedings, the judicial board nullified an order it issued to the student newspaper last week.

Baylor U. judicial board issues ‘no-contact order’ to student newspaper

The order disallows “contact with any member of the Court” regarding a recent student case except for procedural and substantive questions. According to the order, newspaper staffers’ violation “may result in the party being held in contempt of court” and referred to the dean for judicial affairs for further proceedings.