Courage in Student Journalism Awards Announced


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Two Arizona student journalists who prevailed over the high school'scensorship of a news article and finally published their story 10 months later,and a Michigan principal who defended his journalism students against amisleading attack campaign by community critics, are the recipients of the 2010Courage in Student Journalism Awards.

The student winners are the staff of The Challenge at ThunderbirdHigh School in Glendale, Ariz., led by former editor-in-chief Vaughn Hillyardand business manager Sophia Curran.

Wyoming Students Win College Media Award

The staff of the Northwest Trail, the student newspaper at Northwest College, a two-year school in Powell, Wyo., is the 2010 winner of the College Press Freedom Award for continuing to pursue serious journalism on controversial subjects, even after the newspaper's adviser was fired for encouraging students to do exactly that.