The Twelve Rules of Christmas — Plus One

Twas’ bout a month before Christmas when the calls first appeared.

Student editors with the most frightening tales —  Oh Dear!

They interview, they research, they write, write, write, write.

But when it comes time to publish, they receive such a fright!

The Principal, Headmaster, The Dean or Whomever

has told them to stop, “Do not pull that Print Lever!”

So what dastardly phrase, what horrible quip

has led to this Dark Act of censorship?

My mind goes a-racing as I await words most foul...

The f-word?

AG Cuccinelli’s go-ahead to search student cell-phones raises Fourth Amendment questions

In the understandable haste to spare kids from the brutal impact of bullying, some school systems are pushing against constitutional boundaries to assert authority not only to seize students' cellphones but to read the messages stored on them.Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli waded into this controversy in a November 24 opinion issued at the request of a Virginia legislator, Robert Bell.