Gender and Censorship

From 2016-18, the Student Press Law Center piloted a program to train and empower college age women to partner with high schoolers on projects focused on free press and free expression. The Active Voice initiative was rooted in the findings of a 2016 study that revealed school censorship of journalism disproportionately targets female teens, marginalizing their voices and diminishing their ability to develop as leaders.

We are proud to highlight the achievements of two cohorts of Active Voice fellows whose free speech service projects spanned an academic year.

The Student Press Law Center is currently evaluating and retooling this initiative, along with seeking sustainability through dedicated funding.

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2017-18 Active Voice Fellows

Read more about the 2017-18 fellows.


(From left to right: Jamie Crockett, Melissa Gomez, Naba Siddiq, Savannah Robinson, Paula Pecorella)

2016-17 Active Voice Fellows

Read more about the 2016-17 fellows.
Graduation day for the next generation of media leaders


(From left to right: Sophie Gordon, Sindhu Ravuri, Shine Cho, Nashwa Bawab, Darlene Aderoju)

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