WORKSHOP: Learn how to find – and change – your school’s student media policy

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This event has already passed, but be sure to join us next year and check out our other Student Press Freedom Day events here. You can watch the full workshop below:

About the Workshop

Advocating for student press freedom can start in your own backyard! One of the most effective ways to protect your rights is to improve your school district’s student media policy, and it’s simpler than you’d think! In this 45 minute webinar you’ll learn why district student media policies are so important, how to find yours, and how to advocate for improvements.

While this event is geared toward public high school students, the methods outlined can be equally effective at private schools or colleges and universities. The major difference will be who creates the student media policies — namely, not school boards.

If you’re looking for help with your advocacy or want to connect with other students in your area, contact SPLC Advocacy and Organizing Director Hillary Davis at

About Student Press Freedom Day

This event is part of the SPLC’s Student Press Freedom Day 2023 programming.

Join us for the fifth annual Student Press Freedom Day on Feb. 23, 2023, as student journalists across the United States raise awareness of the challenges they face, celebrate their contributions to their schools and communities, and take actions to protect and restore their First Amendment freedoms.

Participate in expert-led training workshops (like the Spokesperson training!), an op-ed coaching program, student-led community forums, and a letter writing party on behalf of New Voices. Or get creative and plan your own Student Press Freedom Day activities! Your involvement is what makes the day truly impactful.