Celebrating Student Press Freedom on Constitution Day

white logo saying SPLC and Student Press Law Center on a bright blue background

We honor Constitution Day by recognizing we have the right, and the responsibility, to uphold one of the First Amendment’s core values: to protect and support the free press – including student press freedom.

On Constitution Day we need to recognize and fight to protect the rights of student journalists to report the news fairly and responsibly. Student journalists have never played a more important role: reporting on how the pandemic is affecting schools, how youth-led protests and social movements are transforming the country, and how young voices are striving to be heard.

On Constitution Day (and every day), we at SPLC want you to remember: the Constitution protects student press freedom.

On Constitution Day, we recognize that retaliatory budget cuts violate press freedom.

Newspaper thefts violate press freedom.

Prior review violates press freedom.

Refusing to provide statistics and general information about COVID using FERPA as an excuse violate press freedom.

Targeting and arresting journalists covering protests violates press freedom.

Student journalists provide an essential service and honor the First Amendment every day.

States can affirm their commitment to the Constitution by passing New Voices laws to restore, protect and defend student press freedom and the journalists and advisers who stand up for their Constitutional rights

Student press freedom and the Constitution matter.  SPLC is here to help you make sure that every day is Constitution Day.

Write the story – we’ve got your back.

Happy Constitution Day!