National, local and student news outlets around the country run op-eds for Student Press Freedom Day

On Feb. 26, people around the country joined the Student Press Law Center in celebrating Student Press Freedom Day 2021: Journalism Against the Odds. Weeks of events, new resources and community building activities culminated on that day with overwhelming nationwide support for a free student press.

This year, we relaunched our annual op-ed campaign calling for pieces on the importance of student press freedom. High school, college and professional journalists answered the call.

To take this year’s op-eds to the next level, SPLC hosted an op-ed bootcamp in early February led by veteran journalist Steven A. Holmes. You can watch it in full here. More than 200 student journalists registered, and many went on to work with coaches including professionals from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists and the Online News Association — who helped them craft and place their editorials.

Check out some of the op-eds below to see some of the incredible final products. Highlights include student op-eds like this one written by Pratika Katiyar; this editorial, in which the Western Kentucky Herald urges its university to stop suing them; panel discussions highlighting Student Press Freedom Day; and testimonials and declarations like Senator Kavanagh & Assemblywoman Lupardo reintroducing the Student Journalist Free Speech Act in New York.

Don’t see your op-ed on the list below?

Email Alexis Mason at with the subject line “SPFD editorial submission” and a link to your editorial. Op-eds must be focused on student press freedom and published within the last 30 days.

Editor’s Note: This list is in progress, we will continue to update it.

Local and National News Outlets

Student Media

Partner Organizations


SPF Day Testimonials and Declarations