SPLC Student Advisory Board — Apply now!

In an effort to ensure that we are staying as relevant and forward-thinking as possible, the SPLC is creating a Student Advisory Board which will work with us to advise us on the SPLC’s work, programs and profile. 

It will not be a heavy lift: one video conference meeting per month with some emails in between with a possible meet-up down the line. We want to make it an enriching experience for everyone, so we will also plan some special SAB-only briefings/trainings based on the interest of the group which may add a meeting or two per year. 

We are looking for the best/most-committed journalism students to join the SAB! This first cohort will help to shape what the SAB does, how it works and how we recruit in the future. For this year, however, we are seeking adviser nominations because we want to get the SAB off the ground as quickly as possible. The full description of the Student Advisory Board is below in our Terms of Reference. 

Please nominate fabulous students who would be willing and able to serve for a full calendar year (all of 2019) by sending SPLC Executive Director Hadar Harris an email by February 8, 2019. Tell us why you think they would be a good candidate and how they could contribute to the inaugural SAB (What distinguishes the student? How have they been involved in student journalism? Why would they be a good fit for this Board?) We are excited to more formally bring student voices, perspectives and creativity into the work of the SPLC. Nominations are due by email to Diana Mitsu Klos at dmk@splc.org by Feb. 8. 

Read full terms of reference for 2019