Six San Diego high school students to learn in major newsroom

Six high school students from various pockets of San Diego were chosen by The San Diego Union-Tribune to participate in the Community Journalism Scholars program. From June 19 through July, these students will work directly in the newsroom, receive mentorship from the U-T staff, and have the opportunity to publish their work online. In addition, they may qualify to apply to a $5,000 scholarship.

“Before I came to live with my dad in the third grade, I was homeless for a time and had a lot of family issues, and so writing became an outlet for me to get all my inner feelings out,” program participant Darnell Carson told The U-T. Previously, he served as the news editor on The Eastlake Eagle, his high school’s newspaper. Carson will attend Stanford University in the fall to study communication and creative writing, where he looks forward to exploring poetry and journalism.

Read the rest of his story here and get to know the other participants: Diego Dela Rosa, Shayna Kobrinetz, Sabrina Pascua, Briza Perez, and Mia Rollins.