UPDATE: CUNY tables controversial proposal on freedom of expression policy

The City University of New York’s proposed freedom of expression policy has been stalled by the Board of Trustees after members of the community, professors and students raised censorship concerns.

Administrators have been through several drafts of the proposal, making constant changes as they heard concerns from student and faculty groups.

However, after the public meeting held on June 20, the board came to the conclusion the policy was not ready to be implemented and will hold it for further updates and discussion.

The policy was scheduled to be voted on at the June 27 meeting. However, the proposal was placed on the meeting agenda solely as an information item.

“It was clear from testimony at the public hearing on June 20, 2016, and other communications that there are questions and concerns about the proposed policy,” reads the explanation for why the proposal will not be voted on.

Many professors and students voiced concerns at the public hearing that the policy is overbroad, dangerous, unnecessary and that it could lead to justifications for censorship.

The board suggested no clear timeline for when the policy will be revisited, only that it will be reconsidered “at a later time.”