Texas high school yearbook recalled after “Ugly Hoe” caption discovered

On the heels of another high school yearbook prankIrving High School in Irving, Tex., recalled every copy of the 2012-13 yearbook last week after realizing that a student’s name had been changed to “Ugly Hoe” in a photo caption, the Dallas Observer reported.

The person who changed the student’s name has not yet been identified, said Lesley Weaver, the school district’s director of communications.

“We can speculate, but we don’t know definitively,” Weaver said. “This is still an ongoing investigation, and we want to correct things to prevent this from happening in the future.”

Weaver said that only 13 copies of the yearbook had been distributed before the error was found, and all copies have since been returned to the school.

Josten’s is reprinting the page with the error, and the original page will be torn from the yearbooks and replaced with the corrected copy. Weaver said the page reprinting cost less than $500, and yearbooks should be redistributed today.