Louisiana student settles lawsuit over insulting Facebook post

A Louisiana high school student has dropped an off-campus free speech lawsuit against his school after officials agreed to expunge records of the discipline he received.

The unnamed student at Brusly High School in West Baton Rouge received a two-day, in-school suspension after administrators discovered a Facebook post in which he insulted a teacher. The student was also removed from the school’s Beta Club honor society.

The post read:

“[Teacher], no one likes you. Your [sic] more two faced than the average seventh grader. You cant [sic] teach worth a shit. You relate EVERYTHING to the Holocaust and WWII. Sure it was some bad stuff. But your [sic] an American Lit teacher. Not a history teacher. Maybe if you straightened up that back of yours and got your head out of your ass, you would realize that your [sic] a piece of shit and can burn in hell for all that you have done against the senior class. Not yours truly, The senior class of 2012.”

Attorneys from the American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana notified a federal judge Dec. 19 that the case had been “resolved.”

“The parties both compromised a little bit and we settled for an expungement of the student’s disciplinary record,” said Justin Harrison, one of the student’s attorneys. “They removed all records of the suspension from school.”

The student was not reinstated in the honor society, Harrison said, and there was no financial settlement. The original lawsuit sought both.

Calls to West Baton Rouge Parish Schools Superintendent David Corona and school attorney Pam Dill were not returned by press time.

(For more information on the lawsuit, see our October News Flash.)