Eagle's racks emptied after publication of controversial column addressing rape

WASHINGTON — Several stacks of The Eagle, the studentnewspaper at American University in Washington, D.C., were removed from racksaround campus and left outside the newspaper’s office today after acontroversial column was printed in the issue.

Eagle Editor-in-Chief Jen Calantone said the staff estimates morethan a thousand copies of their total 6,000 circulation were taken from racks,but there is no exact count yet. The papers were thrown outside the newspaperoffice and the staff later replaced them on racks around campus.

“We ran a column … and people were upset because [the columnist] posed a question regarding theline between what’s rape and what’s not rape. So we had a poster onseveral of our stacks and a poster by our office just making a claim of himbeing a rape apologist,” Calantone said. The signs posted on racks read”No room for rape apologists.”

She said the student media adviser contacted American University PublicSafety upon realizing what happened. The Public Safety office could not bereached for comment as of press time.

The staff is currently working on organizing Thursday’s issue, whichwill feature reactions to the column and the incident.

The university could not be reached for comment as of press time.