Death By Cheeseburger book available again

SPLC friend and student press advocate extraordinaire Brian Schraum, who is working at the First Amendment Center in Nashville this summer, has created an electronic copy of the Freedom Forum’s very readable 1994 book, Death By Cheeseburger: High School Journalism in the 1990s and Beyond, and made it available on the FAC’s Web site as a free PDF download. The book, one of the most comprehensive looks at high school journalism ever published, has been out of print and generally unavailable for many years.

While Brian accurately notes that much of the information is out of date, it still retains relevancy today both as a research guide and a historical marker of high school journalism in the 1990’s. (We at the SPLC also especially like the “sprightly” photo of our former executive director, Mark Goodman, on page 88.)