Students disciplined over beer photo in yearbook

ILLINOIS – Students responsible for sneaking a photo into the yearbook at an Illinois high school have been punished for theiractions.

Yearbook staffers had already handed out copies of the Trevia yearbook at New Trier High School in Northfield, Ill., when administrators stumbled upon a photo of two girls hugging, one with a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer in her hand.

The students who slipped the picture in after the yearbook adviser hadalready approved the pages did so intentionally, said Laura Blair, theschool’s spokeswoman. She added the students responsible for the stuntwere punished, but would not elaborate because it is a student disciplinary matter.

The female holding the beer in the photo was not involved in the incident, Blair said.

After the yearbook’s adviser approved the pages, they were placed in an online server, Blair said. But the adviser did not “lock” the pages, leaving the potential for them to be changed.

The school has ordered stickers to cover the unauthorized photo inremaining yearbooks and in some that have already been distributed. Changes have also been made to the procedures for sending the book to press.

Blair said New Trier is hopeful an incident like this will not happen again.

“When the pages are signed off, they should be [in the server] and not be changed,” she said. “The issue was that it was not locked and the students were able to access the pages.”