Mich. principal makes critical editorial 'more accurate,' allows students to publish

MICHIGAN — After weeks of anticipation, student journalists atLoy Norrix High School in Kalamazoo, Mich., were given authorization to print aneditorial that criticized the way administrators enforce the school suspensionpolicy.

Principal Johnny Edwards gave the editors of Knight Life, thestudent newspaper, approval to publish the article, “Out of School SuspensionsAren’t Really Necessary,” in the Feb. 16 issue. Edwards asked the editors tochange the content slightly, but according to Renee Macdonald, co-editor ofKnight Life, his request was geared toward making the article “moreaccurate.”

The editors submitted the article for approval last month, but were told byEdwards that “factual errors” kept it from print. Once the students made therequested changes and resubmitted the story for approval, the article lingeredon Edwards’ desk for nearly a month before a decision was made.

“I’m just glad that it finally got printed and that everything is allover,” said Xi’ange Shannon, the author of the article.

In “Out of School Suspensions Aren’t Really Necessary,” Shannon criticizedthe excessive use of out of school suspensions and suggested that Edwards useother “disciplinary methods” to enforce school rules.

Shannon said that shewas “OK” with the changes made. “I’m just happy he let me print it. “

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