Libel Insurance Providers

At the request of many of our callers, we have compiled thenfollowing list of companies that have offered libel insurance to student medianin recent years. Their listing does not constitute an endorsementnby the Student Press Law Center or a suggestion that all studentnmedia should purchase such insurance. For more information, contactnthe company directly or contact your local insurance agent.


Media/Professional Insurance, Inc.
nTwo Pershing Square
n2300 Main St,, Suite 800
nKansas City, MO 64108
nPhone: (816) 471-6118
nWeb site:

Mutual Insurance Company, Ltd.
nP.O. Box HM 3212
nHamilton HM, NX Bermuda
nPhone: (441) 292-7633
nWeb site:

nFirst Media Insurance Agency
nA Division of First Media Insurance Specialists, Inc.
n4600 Madison, Suite 717
nKansas City, Missouri, 64112-3012
n(800) 753-7545
nWeb site: http://www.firstmediainc.comn


nWalterry Insurance
n7411 Old Branch Avenue
nP.O. Box 128
nClinton, MD 20735
nPhone: (301) 868-7200 or (800) 638-8791
nWebsite: n
nNote: Walterry is the administrator of the National Newspaper Association’s Media Liability Insurance Program.n