Ore. papers with coverage of petition to recall SGA officer stolen

OREGON — The student newspaperadviser at CentralOregon Community College said she thinks a front-page article about a studentgovernment member prompted the theft of one quarter of Wednesday’s copiesof The Broadside.

Erin Marlowe said during distribution the staff began to notice how quicklythe papers were gone from the stacks. When they began to suspect theft, theywithheld the last half of their copies.

“We’re popular, but not that popular,” she said, addingthat students also were coming into the newsroom throughout the day to requestcopies of the paper for a school project. They would sometimes try grabbing anentire stack, she said.

The bi-weekly typically distributes 2,500 copies to a three-county area.Marlowe said the cost of printing issues plus the cost of student work equalsabout $3,000 – $3,500.

Marlowe said she believes those responsible for the theft are supporters ofa student government member, Michael Pohyar, who is being accused of violatingthe student code of conduct. A petition is circulating around campus to have himremoved from his position.

The issue also included a staff editorial in support of the petition and acopy of the petition students could cut out and send in. The paper also ran aletter to the editor from the Pohyar, which ran adjacent to the staff editorial.

Marlowe praised Editor in Chief Samantha Miller’s front-page newsstory on the petition.

“It’s extremely balanced … I think it’s one of the bestarticles that the paper’s ever put out,” she said.

Marlowe contacted the local police department and campus securityWednesday, and said eye-witnesses were able to provide them with two names.

The papers that were not distributed will be taken to offices inside campusbuildings, where students can request a copy.

Robert McDilda, campus safety and security adviser, and Editor in ChiefSamantha Miller did not return the Student Press Law Center’s callsrequesting comment by Friday afternoon. Pohyar did not return an e-mail from theSPLC, and student government member Brenda Pierce said Pohyar informed theoffice he would not be in much this week.