About 2,500 copies of Kent State paper go missing

OHIO — About 2,500 copies of Kent State University’s studentpaper went missing Tuesday morning from at least 12 campus locations. BryanWroten, Daily Kent Stater editor in chief, said he does not know whatcould have prompted the theft of about a quarter of the paper’s dailycirculation.

A stack of the missing papers was found in a recycling bin near at leastone campus location, Wroten said. The only article that could be consideredsomewhat controversial in the Tuesday issue was a story about an anti-abortiongroup that came to campus. But no one seemed particularly upset about thecoverage, he said.

“It’s pretty disappointing because it was a good paper,” Wroten said.”Everyone here works very hard — going out and covering stories, takingpictures, designing it — it’s an all-day process.”

Wroten estimates it cost about $900 to print Tuesday’s issue, and themissing copies were worth an estimated $180. The paper filed a report withcampus police, but the search for a culprit may prove difficult without anyeyewitnesses to the theft, he said.