Oregon student free expression bill passes state house

A landmark student press freedom billpassed the Oregon House of Representatives May 15 on a 39-16vote.
HB 3279 now moves to the Oregon Senate, where it will beassigned to the Judiciary Committee. Rep. Larry Galizio (D-Tigard) introducedthe legislation March 13, modeling it after a similar bill that was introducedin Washington state. The proposed statute is intended to “strengthen andclarify” student free expression protections in the state, Galiziosaid.
If passed by the Oregon Senate and signed by Gov. TedKulongoski (D), the new law would be the first in the country to protect bothhigh school and college student expression rights under onestatute.
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SPLCView: The Oregon student free press bill has thus far avoided thepartisanship that marked the unsuccessful attempt by lawmakers in its neighborto the north earlier this year.
Statute: Oregon HB 3279(2007)