SPLC announces additions to free high school online resources

The Student Press Law Center is pleased to announce new additions to ourWeb site especially for high school teachers and student media advisers as wellas student journalists: two new Media Law Presentations and an expansionof the Test Your Knowledge of Student Press Law onlinequiz.

SPLC Media Law Presentations are computer slide shows that helpstudent journalists better understand media law. They can be downloaded for freefrom the SPLC Web site and come with a narrative script. 

Presentations coveringthe subjects Libel Law and Privacy Invasion join Press Law Primer,Press Freedom and Copyright Law. The Libel Law presentationincludes true-to-life examples and ends with a list of practical suggestions tohelp student journalists avoid common libel traps. 

The Invasion ofPrivacy Law presentation addresses four categories of privacy invasion anduses examples and images to assist young journalists in determining where linesare drawn when confronting privacy questions. 

Test Your Knowledge ofStudent Press Law is another Web-based tool for helping student journalistsbetter understand media law. Through a series of multiple-choice questions basedon situations similar to those confronted by young news gatherers, the onlinequiz allows users to assess their general understanding of student press law aswell as a more detailed understanding of seven specific topics: access law,libel, copyright law, press freedom, cyberlaw, invasion of privacy andreporter’s privilege.

Both the SPLC Media Law Presentations and theTest Your Knowledge of Student Press Law are linked from our ResourceCenter page: http://www.splc.org/resource.asp

They can also be found by going directly to: http://www.splc.org/presentationsor http://www.splc.org/hspresslawtest. Bothfeatures were made possible by a generous grant from the Newspaper Associationof America Foundation.