Bryant U. student newspaper editor witnesses thieves taking papers

RHODE ISLAND — Bryant University campus security is investigating an incident in which about 900 copies of the student newspaper, The Archway, disappeared from news stands Nov. 3.

Editor in Chief Lauren Cimino said she personally witnessed students taking piles of newspapers from one of the distribution spots on campus. Another person approached her after seeing some students take copies of the newspaper, she said.

“I was shocked at such a strong response [to the paper],” Cimino said. “I didn’t feel like the content warranted such a response.”

Archway adviser Megan Sage said while there is no hard evidence, students think the front-page coverage on an off-campus car accident is somehow connected to the theft.

One person, who is not a student, is still in critical condition and a Bryant University student has been charged with driving under the influence, Sage said.

Cimino said she immediately reported the newspaper theft incident to the university’s campus security. Renee Buisson, spokeswoman for the university, said that the investigation is underway and that anyone found to be responsible for the theft would go through a disciplinary process.

“We take this very seriously,” Buisson said. “Our students put a lot of work into publishing the newspaper.”

The Archway publishes 2,500 copies every Friday. Cimino said the stolen issue cost the paper about $1,000 in advertising revenue.