Student government president accused of stealing magazines at N.Y. university

NEW YORK — Editors of a student-run conservativemagazine at Binghamton University have accused the student government presidentof stealing and throwing away at least 50 copies of the magazine, a crime heclaims was justified.James Amberger, associate editor of TheBinghamton Review, Binghamton University’s conservative monthlymagazine, said he caught Jordan Peck throwing away a stack of magazines March2.“He seemed to think that since they were left out, he could dowhatever he pleased with them,” Amberger said. He said that he believesthe theft was the result of an editorial the magazine ran criticizingPeck’s performance.In the March 19 edition of the PipeDream, Binghamton University’s student newspaper, Peck said he didthrow away copies of the magazine, but he said he had received permission to doso from other students. A disclaimer in the magazine states that readersare entitled to two copies of each issue and additional copies are $1. Accordingto the Pipe Dream, Peck said he obtained written permission from 50students who “donated” their copy of the magazine tohim.Amberger said he reported the incident to campus police, whoforwarded a report to the campus judicial affairs office. Amberger said thatwhile the police were skeptical about the legality of prosecuting thieves offree publications, the officer took a report.Amberger said he is notplanning on pursuing criminal charges, but would like to see Peck punishedthrough the university’s judicial system. He said he expects theuniversity to punish Peck.According to the Pipe Dream, Peck saidthe article violated election rules and that distributing the magazine at thelibrary violated school policy.“I know that a half dozen otherpublications are distributed in the same place,” Amberger said. He said astack of the magazines is left at the library for students to pickup.Amberger said Peck was sent a bill for $48, the cost of the magazinesthat Peck said he threw out. But Amberger said he has not heard back fromPeck.In the Pipe Dream article, Peck said, “Given thechance, would I do it again? I don’t think so.”Peck declinedto comment for this story.

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