Harvard reconsiders approval of student magazine that plans to feature nudity

MASSACHUSETTES — Only days after gaining the approvalof Harvard University, a new student magazine that would feature nude Harvardstudents is at risk of losing its funding and its status as an officiallyrecognized student publication.The Harvard Committee on College Lifeapproved the H-Bomb, a sex-themed magazine, at a Feb. 9meeting.But after heavy media attention, the committee is reconsideringits decision. The private university in Cambridge is concerned that the magazinemight publish material deemed pornographic.”The committee will bereviewing the proposal with the students to make sure there is a clearunderstanding that the organization will not be involved in the dissemination ofpornographic material,” according to a statement released by theuniversity Feb. 12.Two Harvard students, Camilla Hrdy and KatharinaBaldegg, proposed the magazine as ”a sex magazine that will hopefully berun by students of all sexual orientations and backgrounds,” Baldegg toldThe Harvard Crimson in its Feb. 11 edition. The Student Press Law Centercould not reach the students for comment.She said the magazine will alsoinclude art and fiction articles.According to a Feb. 13 article inThe Harvard Crimson, one of the magazine’s founders repeatedly referredto the H-Bomb as porn and did not object to the magazine being labeled asporn.In a letter to the editor of The Harvard Crimson, themagazine’s founders claim the paper misrepresented theirmagazine.”It is a literary arts magazine about sex and sexualissues at Harvard,” the letter read. ”It will contain fiction,features, poetry and art. We hope that people understand the misrepresentationthat has occurred and are neither offended nor expecting a porn magazine to comeout in May.”The magazine is not the first of its kind.Squirm, a magazine that features nude co-eds is published at VassarCollege in New York. Members of the committee looked through Squirmbefore approving the H-Bomb.