New TV station management kicks talk show off air

CONNECTICUT A student talkshow on the University of Connecticut’s closed-circuit television stationwas pulled off the air in November after management said it did not comply withundisclosed regulations.“I Did Your Mother,” a late-night,call-in program, was the only show on UCTV made to abide by the new regulations,said the show’s creator, Joseph Kingsley. “The newmanagement in charge of the station made new regulations to cause us not to goon,” Kingsley said. “They made [the regulations] up on theirown.”Kingsley said he was not told his show was being kicked offthe air until after the station had already taken it out of the programmingrotation.Television station management declined to explain the newregulations and did not respond to interview requests.Last year, theshow caused widespread controversy after students complained to administratorsabout its racy content; however, administrators declined to step in. The show,hosted by two students, discussed sex topics and sometimes would have theirguests perform humorous acts. At that time the campus activities director,Eddie Daniels Jr., said some of the show was distasteful and offensive, but thatalone did not warrant disciplinary action.Kingsley said he thinksadministrators have since changed their view and pressured the management tomake the new regulations.