Calif. college’s student senate affirms support of paper

CALIFORNIA San Diego StateUniversity’s academic senate affirmed its support of the student-runcampus newspaper when it passed a resolution supporting “free but responsibleexpression.” The resolution was handed down after a major financial donor to theuniversity had been upset by a column in the newspaper.The DailyAztec printed an Oct. 10 column that tabbed John Moores, owner of the SanDiego Padres and a donor to the university, as one of the nation’s“greediest executives.” The columnist, Lenn Bell, also outlinedlawsuits against Moores for allegedly dumping stock in a company before it hitfinancial troubles in August.In response to the column, Moores asked theuniversity to remove a plaque with his name on it from the campus grounds.Despite reported threats by Moores to cut financial support to the university,school officials say they expect further funding from him.