Court rules school district must release records promptly

OHIO — The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that the Worthington City School District must provide requested records in a timely manner in the future.

This Week Worthington, a Columbus-area weekly newspaper, had sued the district after the school board delayed six days before providing a reporter all the resumes of candidates for treasurer. Following the original request on Jan. 22, the school board initially turned over the resumes for only two of the five candidates, citing several reasons for not fully complying immediately.

In its Oct. 16 decision, the judges said the school district had no reason not to fill the paper’s request in a timely manner. “The requested resumes here were readily available, not voluminous, and could have been provided … the same day that [its] initial three requests were made,” the judges wrote.

The school board was also ordered to pay all court costs.

Consumer News Service, Inc. v. Worthington City Board of Education, 776 N.E.2d 82 (Ohio 2002)