Colo. creates campus sex-offender registry

COLORADO ‘ Gov. Bill Owens signed a bill June 1 that requires sex offenders in Colorado to register with colleges and universities and calls for a statewide database to track the offenders. The new law will grant student journalists greater access to the records of sex offenders on their campuses.

The bill was designed to comply with the new federal Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act that will go into effect in October. Both state and federal law require sex offenders to list the locations of all colleges and universities where they volunteer, are enrolled or are employed.

States across the nation have until Oct. 27 to comply with the federal Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act, which requires registered sex offenders to notify states of their employment, enrollment or volunteer status at institutions of higher education.

law: Colo. Rev. Stat. Sec. 23-5-124 (2002)