Papers win access to long-sealed Univ. of Colorado records

Two Boulder newspapers this month won access to a coveted University of Colorado report dating back to the 1950s era of McCarthyism.

The Colorado Daily and The Daily Camera requested that the University of Colorado release the 1951 document on alleged subversive activities at the campus. The university had kept the report sealed in a bank vault since 1953.

When the university refused to release the document, claiming it was protected by attorney-client privilege, The Daily Camera sued in a Boulder district court. Judge Carol Glowinsky was prepared to make a ruling earlier this month when the university’s regents voted 8-1 to release the report on May 10.

The report was prepared by two FBI agents, attorneys Dudley I. Hutchinson Jr. and Harold E. Hafer, who were hired by the university to track down communists at the school. Eight faculty members were investigated, according to the document, while several other names were included in the report.