‘Law of the Student Press’ book now available online to SPLC members

The SPLC is pleased to introduce an important new benefit for SPLC members.

Effective immediately, SPLC members can now download PDF files of our book, “Law of the Student Press,” Second Edition (1994), the most comprehensive resource on student media law available.

At 269 pages, the book contains information on high school and college press freedom issues as well as chapters on defamation, copyright, adviser rights, obscenity, freedom of information law and many other legal topics of interest to the student press community.

There is no charge to download the material, although you must have an SPLC member username and password.

The current member username is: Member\nThe current member password is: splcorg

The SPLC staff is currently writing a new third edition of “Law of the Student Press.” We expect it to be published in late 2002.