Newspaper thieves hit student media in Tennessee, Texas

Six students at Tennessee Technological University stole nearly the entire press run of the April 6 issue of The Oracle student newspaper because of an editorial they did not like, editor April Blevins said.

The thieves are being punished by the university, according to Dean of Students Ed Boucher, who declined to detail the sanctions brought against the students. Blevins said she spoke with one of the students who told her they will have to pay restitution and have been put on academic probation for two years. She said the issue cost $2,089.53 to produce.

More than 3,500 copies of the April 26 issue of the University of Texas at Arlington student newspaper were stolen that day, but editors are unsure who stole them or why.

The retail advertising manager for student publications at UT filed a complaint after he noticed racks in several buildings around campus lacked newspapers. University police are investigating the complaint. The Shorthorn publishes Tuesdays through Fridays and has a press-run of 10,000 copies.