Prosecutor charges eighth grader with making threats after school officials find ‘People2Kill’ list on Web site

NEW JERSEY –– A county prosecutor charged an eighth-gradegirl with making "terroristic threats" on Feb. 16 aftershe posted a "hit list" that included the names of classmateson her Web site.The Von E. Mauger Middle School student was charged with 10 countsof making "terroristic threats" for including a "People2Kill"list containing the names of 12 to16 fellow students. The listalso included yearbook pictures of students and comments criticizingteachers and students at the school.

According to school Superintendent Patricia Johnson, a librarianfound a printed copy of the list and placed it on her desk whileshe assisted a student. When she returned to her desk, the listwas gone. The librarian then notified administrators, who startedan investigation, ultimately identifying the author.

School administrators discovered the Web site several daysafter the librarian reported finding the list.

The list led administrators to contact the parents of thosestudents whose names appeared on it.

After police searched the student’s locker and belongings,she was immediately sent home pending psychiatric evaluations,Johnson said.

Johnson added that the evaluations, which will be completedby March 1, would decide what disciplinary actions would be takenagainst the girl.

A similar incident took place a week earlier in Bethpage, N.Y.,where a 13-year-old student was given a two-day in-school suspensionafter allegedly posting on a Web site a "hit list" withnames and photographs of students he intended to hurt when "itgets warmer."

No criminal charges were filed against the student.