Pennsylvania teacher wins privacy suit against her student for “vulgar” Web site

A Northampton jury awarded a teacher in the Bethlehem Area School District and her husband $500,000 on Nov. 1, after the teacher sued one her students over a Web site jurors said invaded her privacy. Now, Kathleen Fulmer is asking for more.

Fulmer’s attorneys filed papers the week following the judgment seeking an additional $45,817.76 in delay damages. That amount equals the interest Fulmer would have earned under state law on the original award since the original filing date of the lawsuit. Pennsylvania law sets delay damages at the prime interest rate plus 1 percent.

Fulmer filed the suit last year against her student, Justin Swidler, and his parents, after she discovered the eighth-grader’s personal Web site, which contained references to Fulmer the suit called “vulgar” and “violent”