Arizona considers bill to block sex sites on college campuses

ARIZONA — In an effort to prevent public university students fromaccessing pornography on the Internet, a state legislator introduced twobills in January that seek to restrict Internet access among college students.

The first bill, HB2024, introduced by Rep. Jean McGrath, R-Glendale, would require publiccolleges in the state to install filtering software on all university-ownedcomputers. The bill’s stated purpose is to block access to “sexually graphicmaterial.”

McGrath also introduced a second bill, HB2025, which would allow students to use university computers only for”specific educational purposes.” The bill would require public universitiesto create new policies regarding student Internet use.

Many students opposed to the legislation say the language in each billis too vague.

Kelly Dalton, co-director of the Arizona Students’ Association, saidshe is particularly concerned with the term “educational purposes” as usedin HB 2025. She said that if passed, the bill could interfere with studentswho use university computers for extracurricular activities or to checke-mail.

No action has been taken on either of the bills since January.