New York university director of admissions steals 1,200 copies of student paper

The Director of Admissions at Skidmore College admitted that she and two of her colleagues removed more than a thousand copies of the student newspaper from the campus center because she feared it would offend approximately 200 high school students and their parents at the college’s open house.

Editors of the Skidmore News reported that approximately 1200 copies, or about half of the paper’s 2500-copy press run, were missing from their circulation bins on Nov. 8.

The paper’s cover story, which included graphic photos, reported on a recent incident at the school where a truck parked outside a residence for gay and lesbian students was smeared with human feces.

In a Nov. 11 statement, the director apologized for her decision, which she said was based on her desire “to limit offense to families outside the Skidmore community.”

In a separate statement, Skidmore president Jamienne Studley described the action as “a serious lapse in judgment” and said that the college would pay to reprint the issue.