Ohio State University settles lawsuit with calendar company

The Ohio State University settled a case against Calendar Models of America in August after the company’s president agreed not to sell or distribute calendars bearing any Ohio State trademark.

Ohio State sued Sean Ashbrook, president of Calendar Models of America, to prevent him from marketing two calendars, “Scarlet and Gray Girls” and “Campus Men of the Scarlet and Gray,” that included photos of partially dressed men and women wearing portions of the university’s football uniforms and carrying football helmets.

A District Court judge granted the university a temporary restraining order to block the distribution of the calendars on Aug. 19. Ashbrook agreed to the settlement before the judge was scheduled to hear the case for a permanent injunction.

The settlement prohibits Ashbrook from using any Ohio State trademark in the future and requires him to turn over all of the calendars to the university, which plans to destroy them, according to a university press release.