Former Rutgers professor's claim denied in arbitration

NEW JERSEY — A former Rutgers University journalism professor thought that he had a case against the university when it fired him after he wrote several columns for a campus newspaper. An arbitrator said he was wrong.The university refused to renew Gregg Morris1 contract after 1993. He believes that it was because of his columns in the student newspaper on the New Brunswick campus.Upon his dismissal in 1993, Morris, now a professor at City University of New York’s Hunter College, filed a grievance. In January, the arbitrator decided that Morris did not have a case.The arbitrator said that Morris should have contested his contract in 1990 when he first signed it. According to Morris, he had what was described as “a three-year nonrenewable contract,” but it could have been renewed.Morris had also filed a separate lawsuit against the university, but he dropped it in October. He said that he spent too much money talking to attorneys and that there was little money to be made in the case. According to Morris, he would have received no more than $10,000 in damages.Morris said that he is too busy to “go after them” right now due to his duties at Hunter College. He said that he is waiting for another opportunity.