New report recommends ban on alcohol ads

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A report released in November by the Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention says that alcohol advertisements send a “mixed message” to college students and suggests that they should be banned from college and university campuses.

Presidents from six major U.S. universities collaborated over telephone conference calls to create “Be Vocal, Be Visible, Be Visionary,” which was sent to the presidents of every four-year institution in the country.

The purpose of the report was to collect information for use in developing strategies to combat binge drinking on college campuses.

One of the conclusions of several of the presidents in the report was “that it is improper for their college to collaborate in the industry’s marketing activities. If school officials are unprepared to impose a total ban on campus advertising and promotion, they should consider developing strict policies to define what they will allow.”

The report does not make clear whether the university presidents intended to recommend that school’s attempt to restrict alcohol-related advertising in college and university student publications. Student media advocates have said such restrictions could violate the free press rights of college journalists.