Students settle out of court

MARYLAND — Two students in conflict about an article published in the Arundel High School student newspaper, the Spectrum, have settled their disagreement.Anthony Bonacci and his parents Steven and Joanne Bonacci have settled privately out of court with Ann Arundel School District, Spectrum reporter, Jennifer Tisdale and her mother, Linda Deringer.Bonacci and his parents sued Tisdale and the Anne Arundel County School District last fall alleging he was libeled by a fabricated and defamatory quote in an article by Tisdale.A quote attributed to Anthony Bonacci in Tisdale’s Spectrum article said, “I frequently sexually harass girls, and I don’t think I’ll stop any time in the near future.”Tisdale’s mother then filed a counter suit saying Anthony Bonacci slandered her daughter by accusing her of fabricating a quote. Tisdale and the school stood by the accuracy of the quote.The disagreement was apparently settled in September and the parties have refused to release the terms of the settlement.