Administration steals newspaper

KANSAS — The administration was behind the disappearance of about 500 copies of the student newspaper at Kansas City, Kan., Community College in September.The vice president for academic services at the college, Kaye Walters, ordered the confiscation of the newspapers after she received several complaints from students and faculty about errors on the front page, she said.”According to Hazelwood, we are responsible for making sure the quality of the work is what it should be,” Walters said, referring to the 1988 Supreme Court ruling that cut back on First Amendment protections for high school journalists.Editors of the newspaper, however, said they felt the newspaper removal was a violation of their First Amendment rights.”…We are a college paper, and it’s a learning process. Instructors should support us, whether it’s good or bad,” Tony Jappa, managing editor of the paper, told the Kansas City Star.The newspapers had been on the stands for three days when Walters had the papers removed. About 2,000 copies of the newspaper had already been mailed out or picked up from the stands.