Miami University in violation of Campus Security Act

OHIO — The United States Department of Education has declared Miami University of Ohio in violation of the Campus Security Act of 1990.

The department issued a letter to the university on Sept. 11 stating the university needed to improve its compliance in several areas.

The letter cited specific areas of non-compliance with the act, including inaccurately disclosed crime statistics, inconsistent data and misreported statistics from branch campuses.

The investigation by the Education Department turned up nine discrepancies between incidents included in the university’s police records and the crime statistics records.Discrepancies included inaccurate reporting of the number of forcible rapes, aggravated assaults and liquor and drug law arrests on Miami’s campuses.The violation findings letter outlined the requirements the university must fulfill in order to be in compliance with the law.

It must review the requirements of the Campus Security Act and develop a system for collecting information about all occurrences. The university also must describe how it will bring campus security reporting into compliance with the law in the future.

In July, Moorhead State Universtiy and Virginia Tech University became the first universities to be found in violation of the Campus Security Act. The University of Pennsylvania and Clemson University are still under investigation for possible violations.