'Cokehead' accusation leads to suit

CONNECTICUT — Yale University’s tabloid magazine Rumpus has become the target of a libel suit, because of a story it ran accusing a local landlord of being a “cokehead” and mismanaging property.The Rumpus printed the article focused upon Ed Anderson, a property owner in New Haven.The article claimed his property was not taken care of, and implied that Anderson abused alcohol and drugs.The feature on Anderson was the main story of that issue of Rumpus, and included a front page and inside spread.Gordon Evans, attorney for Anderson, wrote a letter to Ray Deck, editor of the Rumpus, claiming the article to be libelous and demanding a retraction.The Rumpus printed an apology in a later issue.Anderson has since filed suit against Deck, the author of the article, the publisher and managing editor of the Rumpus and Yale University.Evans refused to comment about the case.