Both sides appealing Iowa open-records decision

IOWA — The Ames Daily Tribune is appealing a county district court’s decision that required the opening of advertising and business records for the Iowa State University student newspaper, the Iowa State Daily.Partnership Press, which owns the Tribune, essentially won the case but took issue with the ruling that the Iowa State Daily Publications Board was not responsible for paying their attorney’s fees, and that portions of certain records could be deleted.The decision stated that the publication board acted in good faith when it refused to release the information because it believed it was not a government body subject to open records laws. The Daily Tribune originally sued to open the records of the student newspaper in 1995.The Iowa State Daily Publications Board is also filing a cross appeal to clarify some parts of the ruling that it did not agree with.The case was one of three separate complaints by the local newspaper against the university press, including the Partnership Press charges that the Iowa State Daily is involved in unfair competition, and that the university has an unfair distribution policy on campus.