Portland student loses camera

OREGON — Unidentified “security men” confiscated a University of Portland photographer’s camera and film in September as he took pictures of U.S. Senate candidate Tom Bruggere.Eddie Schweizer, a freshman photographer for The Beacon, was covering an AIDS Walk benefit in downtown Portland. Schweizer turned his attention to Bruggere when he noticed the Democratic candidate mixing with a group of people nearby.According to Beacon Editor in Chief Todd Iverson, three or four men claiming to be security personnel then approached the photographer and demanded he turn over his camera and film. Schweizer complied but convinced them to return the camera. The men, however, exposed the film on the spot.After Schweizer reported the incident to the student newspaper, Iverson said they made a concerted effort to determine for whom the security team was working. Both AIDS Walk organizers and Bruggere’s staff said they did not know about the security men or the incident.Bruggere lost the election by about 35,000 votes to Republican Gordon Smith.