Red & Black Publishing Co v. Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia

The University of Georgia’s student newspaper, the Red & Black, sought an injunction against the university’s Board of Regents after the newspaper was denied access to records and disciplinary proceedings of the the student Organization Court. The initial ruling from the trial court stated that the student newspaper did have access to the records but not the meetings, along with the decision to dismiss UGA President Charles Knapp from the case. The Red & Black went on to appeal the court’s decisions regarding access to meetings and Knapp’s dismissal, while the Board of Regents appealed to the decision regarding the records.

In March 1993, the Supreme Court of Georgia ruled in favor of the Red & Black on all appeals, stating that both the records and proceedings of the student Organization Court were open to the public by Georgia’s  Open Records Act and Open Meetings Act. The court also ruled that Knapp could not be dismissed from the case because he is the executive head of UGA.