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Yearbooks are an essential platform for student journalists. They allow students to capture what life is like both in their school and in the world around them, which is important now more than ever given so many challenging national and global circumstances. The Student Press Law Center has created a number of resources to help support yearbook students, make sure you understand your rights, answer your top media law questions and provide help if you face censorship.

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Your Top Yearbook Questions, Answered

What About Self-Censorship?

Have you ever decided not to pursue a story because you were worried about pushback from your school or community?

Are there stories you wish you could cover but feel you can’t?

You may have self-censored without even realizing it.

Many of the students who share their stories of self-censorship with SPLC indicate that they didn’t know they were engaged in self-censorship at the time. Candace Perkins Bowen, a professor at Kent State and longterm friend of SPLC, created this quiz so you can test your knowledge. Take the quiz, share with your newsroom, and learn how to better identify and resist self-censorship.

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