State ex rel. The Miami Student v. Miami University

In 1996, two reporters at The Miami Student newspaper requested disciplinary records from the University of Miami of Ohio's campus court proceedings, but were denied. The university claimed the records were protected by FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Although The Miami Student reporters did not request the names of students who had been disciplined, the university said that disclosing the records could risk identifying specific students' records. The newspaper argued the records were public under Ohio's public records law.

O'Brien v. Welty

Neil O’Brien, a conservative student activist attending California State University-Fresno, was disciplined in September 2011 after he confronted two professors at their offices, with a video camera rolling, asking questions about their involvement in a campus magazine that O’Brien believed to be liberally biased.

Joyner v. Whiting

At North Carolina Central University, a historically black university, student newspaper The Campus Echo published in 1971 front-page content “expressing some considerable dissatisfaction” with the increasing number of white and non-black students at the university.